How to Make an Omelet
The secret to a perfect omelet for one.
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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Is this recipe acceptable in desperate times? Absolutely! Plus dinner recipes to keep you fit!
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Water Facts
Water may be the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.
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Additional thoughts on Supplements
Remember price is not an indication of quality. There are but a few manufacturers.

Check the label to see whether the product meets USP standards. This organization's standards require that a supplement be able to disintegrate and dissolve thoroughly in the stomach within a certain time period, thus encouraging timely absorption of the nutrients by the body.

Packaging should be childproof and have an Expiration date.

Look for a supplement that contains both vitamins and minerals, with no more than 100 % to 150 % of the recommended Daily Values for each. For the most part nutrients work in concert with one another and products that contain a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals are best for most people.

Avoid products that contain extraneous substances such a PABA, hesperidin, inositol, and bee pollen. These substances add to the price and there is no proof that they are essential to the human body.

Natural vs. Synthetic. The body does not know the difference between natural and synthetic. The body recognizes the chemical make up of each vitamin. EXCEPTION: Vitamin E, the body absorbs Vitamin E more readily in its natural form.



Load up your cooler with healthy food - it'll take you through your day!



Deck of Cards:
Three ounces of Meat.

One old fashion computer mouse:
A serving of meat, fish or poultry.

Aunt Millie’s Fist:
one half cup of fruit, vegetable, spaghetti, or rice.

One Tennis Ball:
One cup of milk, yogurt or chopped fresh greens.

A large man’s open hand:
One ounce of Snack Food. (e.g. pretzels)

A checkbook:
3 ounces of grilled fillet of fish, add breading and you add depth and calories.

One old fashion computer mouse:
one medium size potato

One Thumb Up:
One ounce of Cheese, one Tablespoon of Mayonnaise, one pad of butter.



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