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Human Resource Support Programs

With the exception of Self-Training 101, any of the following topics can be customized to fit your organization's needs. Hire Deitrich to teach at your workplace or retreat for a flat basic rate of $75.00 for up to 15 participants. (Each additional participant $5.00.) Additional fees may be charged depending on location, AV requirements, and additional learning materials.

Wellness Strategies
Set up your lifestyle to reduce energy-zapping stress. This is an action seminar that leaves you with a plan for feeling good and experiencing personal power to make changes where necessary.

Stress Buster - Workplace Safety
This is a "hands-on" program. Business attire is encouraged, as this will be a one-hour program of exercises that can be done at your desk or in the production room during the "non-coffee break". Participants will learn basic stretches to avoid or relieve lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches resulting from neck tension, overall stress and fatigue. In addition, instructor will review techniques for correct desk posture, safe lifting, reaching and balancing while performing daily duties.

Designing Your In-Home Training Program (Multi-level)
This seminar will assist you in designing a program using a minimal amount of equipment in your home. Recommendations will be made for evaluating multi-station units and cardiovascular equipment. As a bonus the key elements of Cardiovascular Exercise and basics of good eating habits will be reviewed.

Cross-Training for Enhancement of Leisure Activities
Adding different types of activities to your exercise program can compliment your lifestyle and enhance your enjoyment of leisure activities. Train to meet special needs and goals whether in sports or simply accomplishing daily tasks.

Power Eating for Energy
Understand how foods work! We will cover: Good Food Decisions, Learn to Read Labels, Food Preparation Made Easy, Dining Out without Compromise

Reclaiming your Power, using Leisure Time Effectively
Take a position that will enable you to realize happiness and peace of mind in your daily life while increasing your personal and professional effectiveness and satisfaction.


"It’s a Wonderful Day” - No Equipment Exercise Session to Increase Joy
30 minute Practical Exercise Session with the following objectives: Join in Fun and Practical "Get Moving" exercise program using body weight movements with only a towel for equipment. Class includes informative conversation on body safety, and balancing exercise and daily living.

Tone and Firm Class
Tone and firm is an all level exercise class with exercises that are cardio centric while focusing on toning and firming buttocks, abdominals and those troublesome areas. Group dynamics make it fun, using functional training for daily living application. Call for times and location. $10 a class or class card of ten for $80.



Train the Trainers; for Caretakers and Staff

Chair Aerobics

Flex Tube Full Body Workout

Fall Prevention

Lunch Hour Brown Bag Nutrition Presentation

Exercise for Memory Management and Activities for Daily Living

All Music, language, and point of reference are audience specific



Self-Training - 101
Now there is a seminar that will assist you in mapping out a program that will get you started today and realize your goals. Four hour program in a gym setting. Class limited to eight to ten participants. Cost is $45.00 per person.

Mini Boot-Camp
Designed for mixed fitness level and great for team building while learning some practical hands-on exercise routines everyone can do at home using stability balls and flex tubing. Learn formulas for smart aerobics enabling you to manage activity for a healthy stress-free you. One and a half hour program in a gym setting.



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