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  Deitrich Benjamin

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Check out Deitrich’s Fitness Routine video, NPC 2018, on the Competition page.

Training With Deitrich
Deitrich trains at two centrally located facilities in Tucson.
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Monday - Friday
6:00am to 7:30pm
Saturday 7am to noon

Appointment times and days are chosen to make training convenient for you!

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what clients are saying

"No one else can motivate the unmotivated like Deitrich, she gets me to do things that I never thought I could and makes them fun. She has kept me playing softball against all odds and I intend to train with Deitrich and play well into my 80's!"
- Terri Waldman, Administrator, Copper Canyon Alzheimer's Special Care Center, Tucson, Arizona

"Deitrich has been a very knowledgeable and responsive trainer during my efforts to get healthy since I retired. I feel like 30! Thanks, Deitrich."
- Carla Meister

"Because of what Deitrich taught me, I will be healthier and stronger for the rest of my life."
- Katherine R., Raytheon employee



Deitrich Benjamin

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